Preventing Medication Errors


People with several health conditions usually take two or more medications at a time. Medication errors may occur not only through mistakes in prescribing or giving medications but also to seniors with memory problems. This may result in adverse drug effects on the body and future hospitalization. But, medication errors can also be prevented by taking note of these important reminders:

  • Ask your doctor to explain thoroughly the medications you are required to take, such as the brand name, dosage, time of intake, and/or the possible side effects.
  • Share your recent and updated health condition with your doctor to allow medication reconciliation, particularly if you are transitioning from one medication to another.
  • You may also avail the assistance of healthcare providers where a doctor or nurse visits you at your home to explain the side effects of your medications, as well lower the risk for any adverse reactions.

Visiting Practitioners & Palliative Care LLC has a team of visiting doctors and practitioners in San Antonio, Texas that is committed to providing compassionate and all-encompassing care to our patients in the comfort and safety of their homes.

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Furthermore, our visiting doctors and nurses specialize in various medical interventions and are licensed in their respective fields of expertise. Thus, quality professional care can be expected from them at all times.

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